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I've Had Enough And Need Help


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Sorry Guys, but im not pleased at all anymore,

im looking for a backbox for the generation 5 with 4 wheel steering,

every company i goto cant help cos its imported and pass me elsewhere,

ive seen some crackin Jap cans at 5inches,m but id settle for a 4 incher,

can anyone just post a link or advise a company thatll post me one,

i cant be bothered or have the time to get pieces fabricated to make it fit!,,,

i know i sound as though ive given up, maybes i have,,


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oedro mate

im a bit further than you i got my back box and just need to get pipe made the price for that is 120 bit more than i wanted to pay but hey the results should be worth it. have a look on eBay for pipes but make sure you look for pipes avalaible to the uk and you will find loads mine cost 80 something with shipping

hope this helps

my pc has been down but ill put some photos on off the car and the backbox so you can see it


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