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Corolla Gti Tunning


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3S-GTE conversion 300+bhp? :D


How did I know you were going to say that :P

You could always try a 4a-gze conversion - 187bhp. And before anyone asks - yep that's my stock answer.

I know of a 3s-ge (n/a 2.0 litre) conversion in and AE92 done by Revvin Kevvin that is now in Scotland - that went well.

Apart from that it's the normal stuff - filter, exhaust, superchip (or other), cams etc.

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get a set of mr2 trurbo pistons (they're the ceramic ones that you get in gze) rods etc drop that lot into your late spec 4age slap on a gze supercharger and get the turbo off the mr2, hook up a motec engine management system and have 350bhp ready on tap without removing your block. :)

Consider fitting equal length driveshafts to help you accelerate straight.

Failing that, get some decent plugs, then 48mm or make do with 2" less restrictive exhaust, add an induction kit, then add a pair of 272' cams and then add a superchip

all in that order for maximum benefit.

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