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Ipod Interface on B9017 Head Unit

Difficulty - Medium

Time - About an hour

Tools - ideally a trim tool (but I actually used a modified bracket from a Billy Bookcase with tape to protect the car trim!),

10mm socket and suitable driver,


This procedure will first cover the Physical Installation of the Product; and the second part will cover its use.

Physical Installation

This part will follow the fitting of the genuine Toyota interface, P/N PZ473-00267, which was purchased from Lindop Bros Toyota for use with a 2011 RAV4 SR fitted with the B9017 Sat-Nav/CD/HDD Head Unit


Different Head Units may need different adapters, and may have differing installation routines, so check with your supplier before purchase.

The Head Unit removal is the same on the latest RAV4.3.5 as in the first RAV4.3 so this post can also be referred to.

This is the method I used to remove the side trims ....


The 'trim tool' was put between the credit cards to protect the car plastics.

The kit comes with a cable from Head Unit to Controller; The Controller; Cable from Controller to USB/Aux Socket; and USB Socket. Other parts include some Ty-wraps and double-sided sticky pads.


The kit comes with a separate socket that incorporates both a USB Socket and an AUX (3.5mm) headphone type socket.


It maybe assumed that you would take out the existing AUX socket from the centre console and drop this one in its place. However, I did not do this for 2 reasons:

1) I prefer to have the iPod and its cable out the way, so intended to keep it in the Storage Compartment under the centre armrest

2) Even though the USB Socket has a AUX socket, the flying lead from it does not actually connect to anything I could find (the cable that goes into the existing AUX is not the same connection, and no compatible cable was supplied with the kit), so I thought it wiser to keep the existing AUX socket in place in case I wanted to use it

Very handily, there is already a place in the Storage Compartment for the USB Socket. This has a standard blanking plug that just needs pushing out and the socket put in its place.

Simply liftout the piece of 'cloth' and you will see the slight indentation which allows you to grip the mounting plate and pull out. It is quite a firm fit, but comes out quite easily. You will probably want to pull off the 12V Aux Power lead into the socket to make it easier to work.


The 2nd picture above on the right shows the blanking plate removed ready to accept the USB socket.

The 1st picture shows a iPod socket already in place (actually a different socket from a different kit that I had tried to fit a few days earlier!)

It is fairly obvious how it looks, but here is a clearer picture of the socket fitted from front and from the rear.....



Once in place, the iPod or the USB just connects like on a PC of course

For the iPod, I use one of the retractable leads that has a minimal USB plug to avoid gettng knocked, and for the USB, the very dinky little USB Memory Sticks are perfect for this kind of installation (the one you can just see plugged in is a 16GB stick)


The length of the leads in the kit means that if you fit the USB socket in the Storage Compartment, the Controller will need to be somewhere along the centre console area. I don't have any pictures, but I fitted mine behind the removable front piece of trim on the passenger side. With that trim back in place, the controller unit is very secure and protected against knocks.

To get the lead from the Head Unit to the controller, it is simply a matter of dropping the lead on the left side and allowing it to feed its way down. In a similar way the cable from the USB Socket to the Controller I just tucked behind the trim (I guess you could remove the trim and ty-wrap along the way, but I don't see the need myself).

The cable to the head unit plugs into the CD Changer socket (ringed below)


Once the connections have been tested, then the Head Unit can be bolted back in place and the side trims refitted but just pushing back in place.

The next post will cover how the kit actually works with the Toyota B9017 Head Unit


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