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Starting Problems On Avensis? Solution.

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#41 bijuvmot


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  • Toyota Model: 2.0 avensis GLS

Posted 19 February 2010 - 05:22 PM

Another happy customer. A super post. !!
So I saved a lot of quids!!. Thanks a lot for your effort to post this excellent workshop!!

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#42 d360sam


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  • Toyota Model: Avensis d4d

Posted 08 March 2010 - 07:13 PM

This is a short workshop for changing the ignition switch on an Avensis 2.0 1999.

I've had problems with starting the engine since beginning of summer. The symptoms were like this;
when turning the key to the START position, nothing happens. You have to, either turn it from ON to START a few times or wiggle the key while holding it in the START position, to get connection in the lock to start the motor. :ffs: :help:

This is due to a faulty switch behind the locking barrel, that has been worn down so it does not alway connect. This has nothing to do with the imobilizer system or coding of keys, it is only a mechanical problem and will not be solved by re-coding the keys or such.

Be ware, the dealer gave me the wrong part on my first order;
I described the symptoms and where the part is located and they knew exactly what I needed, after a long search in their computer they came up with the part I nedded. It was not in stock so they ordered it.
What I got was a part called something like Coding Unit/Computer Unit remote control (PN 89780-05011).
It's a part in black plastic casing with the front ring around the keyhole (with the text ACC/ON/START) and a short cable with a connector. This is the receiver of the coded keys and it is the wrong part, also it's more expensive and doesn't solve this problem.

When I called them on the phone and described the symptoms again and told them I've got the wrong part, they looked again and came back to me saying that it was the correct part I've got. :angry:
After a little convincing that I had a mechanical problem and not a computer problem, he discussed with another guy and finally they found the correct part.

I've had a lot of help from member GnzYza in 'Problems with starting', where you can read how it all started.
Once again, thank GnzYza. :D

1. First you need to get the new part from a Toyota dealer.
The part you need is the SWITCH ASSY, partnumber 84450-02010 (at least for my Avensis -99, but it gives you something to start with at Toyota).

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

2. Disassembling.
You'll need a cross/pozidrive screwdrive of medium size, that's all you need.
(It might come in handy with some kind of light because it's rather dark behind the dashboard)

First remove the dash casing below the steering wheel, there are 2 black screws, one to the left...
Posted Image

...and one to the right and also the golden screw under the cowling.
Posted Image

Turn the steering wheel so you'll see the last 2 screws behing the wheel...
to the left...
Posted Image

...and to the right.
Posted Image

3. Carefully pull the dash casing a bit outwards in the bottom and slide it down to remove it. There are 3 things stuck to this part; the wire for the front hood, an airtube and a wire with connector on it. These can remain in place, just put the casing on the floor.

Posted Image

4. Separate the top and bottom parts of the cowling, there are only small plastic lockers holding them together now, so a little bending with a screwdriver in the joint between them would do it. The joint is on both the left and the right side, you'll see it clearly if you look close.
The top one could needs not to be removed, but the bottom one does. It might be easier if you loosen the locking handle for adjusting the height of the stearing wheel.

5. Now you should have access to everything under the cowling. Don't be alarmed, it is not so much you have to care about, it is just very much cabling in a very tight space.

Locate the rear of the ignition barrel, where you'll find following parts attached to it:
Posted Image

A and B are just connectors placed on the Switch Assy, remove them, but don't disconnect them.
C is the connector on the Switch Assy. Disconnect it and fold it away.
D is the actual Switch Assy. The arrow points to one of the two screws that holds it in place. (The easy one...)

6. Change the Switch Assy
Remove the two screws that holds the Switch Assy to the rear of the barrel. One is easy to get at, but the other one is rather tricky to access.
The screws might fall off so don't loose them!

Once they are removed, pull the case of the Switch Assy away from the barrel. You can't pull it off all the way, so you'll have to turn it 45 degrees and try to get it out sideways. There are no loose parts there so you are rather free to remove it any way you can. Just keep in mind how you did it since you have to get the new part in, the same way.

7. Assembling.
Place the screw that was hard to get at, in it's hole on the new Switch Assy before placing it in position. It is very hard to get it in place through all cables.
Now, just tighten the screws for the Switch Assy, re-connect the cable (is only one way), fit the two connectors you removed in the beginning, and you're finshed with the hard part.

Fit the bottom part of the cowling again, remember to have all plastic notches in their place. The parts will lock together nicely, fit the 2 screws behind the steering wheel again and also the bottom one.

Place the dash casing in it's place; top first them push in the bottom. Screw it tight in place.

8. Finished.

This is not a hard work and it took me around 25 minutes (including taking the photos). After that my car has started without a problem.

The Switch Assy costed 900 SEK (> 60) but the garage told me they would charge me around 4500 SEK (>300) to do the change. I don't know how they'd charge me so much for this easy job and now that I know how easy it was, I'd never accept a bill from them with that amount.

I hope this workshop will help somebody in the future, if so, please post you comments on it.

Good luck. :)

Thank you very much for this, my ign barrel has jammed and I cannot get my key in. Car is currently left stranded on a car park so tomorrow I have to try and fix in daylight.

#43 Prufreda


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Posted 28 April 2010 - 07:51 PM

[quote name='Rvall' date='02 November 2005 - 11:08 AM' timestamp='1130929709' post='446915']
This is a short workshop for changing the ignition switch on an Avensis 2.0 1999.

Thanks Rvall for your very useful instructions for changing the ignition switch on an Avensis.

Further information which may save you the 60 or so for a spare part. This ignition switch seems to be a fault with the Avensis of late 1990s. I found on my car that the key had to be pressed very firmly to the starter position for the starter to operate. After dismantling and much investigation I got to the root of the problem. It is a mechanical, not an electrical problem. The switch itself is probably OK, but the slot can become worn in the top of the plastic white cover. (This accepts the spade projecting from the metal switch barrel.) The fit becomes so sloppy that when the key is turned in the barrel the play is so great that the white cover doesn't turn enough to move the contacts, so the car won't start. To see if this is the case with yours, take the key out of the ignition and hold the switch attached to its connector in one hand and insert a screwdriver in the slot and turn it to the starter position. If the starter works (the car won't fire up because there is no key in the ignition to override the immobiliser)then you don't have to open up the ignition switch; the slot has becomne too big and you have to make a spacer about 5mm wide out of very thin metal to to go down into the slot and take up the slack. (Mine was out of springy phosphor bronze strip about 0.2mm thick). Make a U-shaped piece that will fit down the hole next to the slot so it can hold the other leg of the U in the slot. Then it won't fall out on assembly. On reassembly my car started immediately. If you have the same problem, so will yours.

If it is not this then the ignition switch can be opened up by gently easing in turn the lugs on the white cover so it slips off. Keep the white cover uppermost as it parts or bits will fall out. (However the two metal rings can only go in one way and it is clear where the 6 springs go under them. Clean and then lightly grease the contact surfaces. If you take out the internal barrel of white plastic (unlikely a fault here, so unnecessary) watch out that the two ball bearings and their springs don't fly out!

Good luck.

#44 dropdeadfred


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Posted 04 June 2010 - 07:26 AM

[quote name='Rvall' date='02 November 2005 - 11:08 AM' timestamp='1130929709' post='446915']
This is a short workshop for changing the ignition switch on an Avensis 2.0 1999

Thanks Rvall!!

I found this link by accident, I've had the same problem with my late 2000 Avensis. At first we thouoght it was the starter motor, which I've had reconditioned due to the expense of a new one, this was needed as it had burnt the solinoid out. Put it back on same problem - annoyed? - you bet.
Thats when I got on the net and found this, realised it must be the same thing so am in the process of getting it sorted. I've found a new one for under 40 on ebay here's the link.
But just to let anyone else who has the same problem know, be careful holding the key in start position too long as this is what knackered my starter motor. Also I can start mine easily enough at the moment by jiggling the starter switch. I've taken the bottom part of the steering wheel cowling off so as you can see the switch, all I do is turn the key to start and then jiggle the switch and presto it fires in seconds. This obviously isn't a perminent fix but it is getting us by when we need to.

Thanks again

#45 Flex


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Posted 08 June 2010 - 04:45 PM

Sorry to bump this topic, I have the exact same problem on my Avensis. It's been like it for about 6 months now because I haven't cared for replacing it. But it is at the point now where it's going to be impossible to start if I don't do something.

I noticed that all of you have the 1999 model Avensis. Mine is the 2000 model. Will this guide be the same?

#46 iceman72


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  • Toyota Model: Toyota Avensis 2.0 year 2000

Posted 30 June 2010 - 07:54 PM

Hi there

I have a Toyota Avensis 2.0 year 2000 and week ago it started getting similar symptoms.At mornings car would start perfectly but during afternoons (very warm ... 30 C)there would be no sign of life although battery and dashboard lights perfectly working.I even checked starter motor and solenoid with my friend & found them in good condition. I found this forum (very useful) and decided to order new ignition switch.I hope it does the trick.... I will let you know.
Now a question(s)...although this might be a stupid question(s) but please excuse me as I am not a mechanic.Does the heat actually affect ignition switch?Can it be just a loose connection or perhaps just a fuse perhaps popping out(expansion due to heat) :help:

#47 Matik


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Posted 02 July 2010 - 09:25 AM

There is a possibility to fix this problem completely for free. There is no need to order a new switch. Just put a piece of plate into the defective hole where the shaft fits. The plate should be adjusted to the same size as the existing hole. And the car starts like new. :thumbsup:

#48 jw67



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Posted 03 July 2010 - 06:31 PM

My Corolla E11 is intermittantly suffering this problem,quite often when trying to restart after a drive and the engine is hot.Does anyone know if the Corolla part number is the same as the Avensis or any other Toyota models?Mine is a year 2000,1.4 engined model.

#49 type900


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  • Toyota Model: 2001 Toyota Avensis 1,6

Posted 08 August 2010 - 02:33 PM

I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread.

My mother has a 2001 Avensis 1.6.

The first symptoms appeared after a 3 hour drive along the south coast of Norway for our holiday stay three weeks ago. We stopped by a grocery store to buy food, propane and such. We parked the car and came back 20 minutes later. The car wouldn't start. We heard the starter motor kicking in but it failed to crank the engine around. It sounded like it didn't even manage one revolution. Like the cylinder compression stopped it. Just like in a car with a flat battery.

I didn't have my trusted Fluke with me, or my battery charger. So we had to push it backwards up the slope from the parking lot and down the steep road in 2nd gear and release the clutch.

We got it started and drove the final 10km to our cabin. We made sure to park it in a slope in case it failed to start again.
I tried charging the battery later that day after borrowing a charger from a local. But it indicated a full charge!?
This time I tried starting it about ten times and it started perfect.

But two days ago it happened in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of a place called Grotli after a quick stop for photographing.
After a six hour non-stop drive.
Not the place you would want your car to fail on you!

Is the following events the same symptoms as you guys have experienced?
1 - You turn the key to ON.
2 - You turn the key to START to engage starting.
3 - You hear the starter attempting to crank the engine but fails. (As if you have a flat battery).

I'm going over to her house later today to check the battery voltage (with engine off) and charging voltage with engine running to confirm that the battery is ok and that the alternator is charging properly. Just to rule them out.

I have a hunch that both battery and alternator is fine and that my measurements will confirm that.

I just don't want the Toyota dealer ripping her off. (Expensive troubleshooting and over priced labor)
So I'm glad I found this thread.

#50 jw67



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  • Toyota Model: Corolla

Posted 08 August 2010 - 10:12 PM

Sounds pretty much like it.My Corolla will,on the occasions it doesn't start,either make the briefest attempt at operating the starter(just a quick click)or no sound at all.If it does it again push the key inwards whilst turning it to start the car.This is working for me at the moment.Now the temperature has dropped over the last couple of weeks the problem hasn't really happened.

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