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What Mods To Get Me To About 170-180bhp?

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What mods should i do to get my stock glanza to produce around 170 to 180 bhp? Please help.

im under the asumtion it a turbo :huh: and you have a good working engine & turbo ,

so i'll go with that :lol: ,get rid of the efi pipe, induction kit relocated to the front grill, full exaust system including mani & decat pipe, boost controller or adjustable actuater running 1bar boost, and a remap with a after market ecu or fuel controller ( if using fuel controller then you need a fuel cut defender also , not nessesery with after market ecu ) and would be no harm porting the wastegate to , ;)

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glanza stock turbo come with about 8-10psi high boost, just add more fuel by purchasing a piggyback such as greddy e-manage blue and you can reach up to 15psi comfortably without any problems, upgrade injectors and fuel pump then that should gain you about 10hp

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No.1 thing you need for running more boost is an uprated manifold. Stock manifold on 1 bar will melt piston 3 in no time.

Decent manifold (no ebay crap)

front mount air filter

decat and exhaust

hks actuator @ 1 bar

cheap fuelling route- RRFPR+ FCD

proper fuelling route- Emanage blue

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