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Which Alarm?


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i'm after a decent cat 1 alarm i have an imobiliser standard,

my car- Yaris 1.0l S

i want

interior sensors

exterior sensors

shock sensors

total closure (2 front windows only)

auto lock when starting

auto arm if door not opened after disarming

flash repeaters


ive had a look at a few toad systems they seem good quality and value for money

thanks in advance

lee :thumbsup:

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I got a Lazerline all in one on my GT4. Very popular alarm amoungst importers and most supra's have Lazerlines fitted once they come into the country.

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I have a Clifford Concept 300 in my celica with total closure as an extra.

I have to say it was quite pricey, but worth it for a good nights sleep.

Ive know of Evo 7's been nicked and not recovered with Full tracker systems etc...

If the theif wants it badly enough... they will always find a way..

In sayin that.. i have a Toad CT5 Thatcham Cat1 system... passive modes autp locks etc etc.. very good system.. can be bought for about £200 now...

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