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Underseal Or Rather Lack Of It


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hi, got my Aygo Platinum just over 4 weeks ago, I was hoovering the carpets today and had a look underneath the car while on my knees, not much underseal showing, Especially along the chassis and the rear under the spare wheel well, I've seen comments about this but would like to know if anyone has actually gone to the trouble of coating the underneath of there car.

First question

1. would it be an advantage?

2. Are they done this way for a purpose? I.E. would I create more problems than I solve if I treated my car with underseal

3. If anyone has done theirs ,what product did they use?



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As your car is so new it certainly is worth undertaking some form of rust preventative action but please do not use underseal :angry:

I would strongly recommend using something like Waxoyl or Dinitrol under body wax

These products fight future rust as well as protecting the body in it's current condition :)

I have used Waxoyl in the past and it is very good and will be using Dinitrol on my 37 year old Rover in the near future :yes:

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