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simon auris 2.0

Road Tax Problems

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Wierd one this.

Bought my Auris 8th March from Inchcape Toyoya in Derby UK.

It had remainder of 6 months tax in the screen and expires end April. I havent had a reminder so went online to re tax. System says its currently untaxed! I ring DVLA and they say it was Sorn on 8th March but no refund issued hence I still have tax disc in car? They told me to ring fines place to check if I have any outstanding fine and I'm liable to pay back car tax for time I've owned it. Fines place say no fines due as its taxed?

In my panic stricken moments I did as told by dvla to buy tax from 1st April so I now have 2 discs for April. I now see there is something majorly wrong here and wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

It seems a major coincidence that it was alledgedly sorn the same day I bought it. Inchcape say they have no need to sorn, true but someone did.


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Electronic gremlins.... I hate them!

This is an new one on me as I have never heard of such a thing.... still the main thing is that you have a fully taxed car :thumbsup:

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