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Paseo Fuse Box


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hiya can anyone tell me what the fuses are on the paseo.i need to find out what fuses are for what and what amp they should be.i've tried looking for threads on here but it looks like you have to read pages and pages so please HELP lol :ffs:

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Engine room fusebox.

left head fuse 10 A

right head fuse 10 A

haz/horn fuse 15 A

EFI fuse 15 A

ALT fuse 5 A

main fuse 30 A

AM2 fuse 15 A Goes via the ignition key to the fusebox inside the car.

Dome fuse 10 A

OBD2 fuse 7.5 A

ABS fuse 60 A

AM1 fuse 40 A Goes to the fusebox inside the car.

I some countries there might be fuses for dimmer and also daylight running lights.

Inside the car fusebox.

Def fuse 40 A

Ign fuse 5 A

Cig/radio fuse 15 A

wiper fuse 20 A

ECU/IG fuse 5 A

Guage fuse 10 A

Turn fuse 7.5 A

Stop fuse 10 A

SRS fuse 5 A

I didn't mention the 100 A fusible link in the engine room.

Isn't this in the owners manual for the car? Most cars do have some pages about fuses in that book.

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cheers mate,i dont have any manual for the car.i bort a manual on disc from eBay but its crap.the reason i need to know what the fuses are is because the car has been parked up for months due to the fact that it keeps blowing the fuel pump fuse.i carnt find any faults with the fuel pump and i dont know what else runs of the same fuse.the car will tick over ok and i can rev it but as soon as i pull away the fuse blows.its driving me nuts.cheers anyway mate.

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I guess it is the 15 amp fuse for the Efi that keeps blowing all the time. It goes to several things like circuit opening relay. data link connector, engine control module, fuel sende and fuel pump, idle air control valve, efi relay, heated oxygen sensors.

How long time does the fuse hold when you are having the car standing still idling? Or is it also blowing when you have the car standing still idling?

I believe that you have a relay or a sensor that is not working correctly. It could also be a faulty wire in the harness that is doing this. You better have a look at the relays and also the sensors on the efi-fuse as I mentioned before.

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hiya,it will tick over for ages with out blowing the fuse,but asoon as you pull away it blows.sometimes it will blow straight away and othertimes it will take a second or 2. :crybaby:

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This sounds like a tricky one. I am a qualified mechanic and can say I have not heard of this kind of problem. That said, I dispise electronics.

I have a full engine wiring loom here for a 96 ST model if that helps? Complete with fusebox too. If you are interested, email me on SamAtPPS@hotmail.co.uk and we can sort it out somehow. Would hate to see you get fed up of the car cutting out all the time and just scrap it or something. Could be something relatively simple to be honest.

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Hiya chaps,this is Luckyboy.I have got a 97 p reg Paseo ST.The electric window on the drivers side has stopped working.I think maybe its a fuse blown,but do you know which fuse if for the electric windows?.Thanks

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