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Help - Location Of Headlight Fuse


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I was connecting some interior LED's to the sidelights (no big deal I've done this many times before), and the stupid things came with no instructions and must have had the colours reversed.

one of the 12v LED's blew up and then the sidelights wouldnt work - but the main headlights work.

I attempted to find the fuse in the engine fuse box, then i noticed the main laps wernt working either.

Where are the fuses for these, as none in the engine box are blown.

Btw, my headlamps are morette twin.

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bit weird why none of the front side lights head lamps don't work?I assume you didn't blow one side...thenb went and blew the other side too?

usually the fuses are split. One for the left hand side lights.. ( front and back) one for the right...then seperate uns for each head light. Thus if one fuse blows you don't lose all your front lights etc.

Not actually looked on the Yaris to be honest...but surely to end up with no front side lights or headlights must be the result of several blown fuses...bit naff if they hang off one fuse.


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