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Help New Rav 4 Owner, Just Got Side Steps

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Im new to owning a Rav 4, i only got it a week ago its a 2005 55reg XT5 Auto 5 Door and I luv it to bits, this forum seems wicked and theres loads going on

I've just got a set of genuine Toyota Side Steps I won off ebay but i have no fitting instructions or bolts just the steps and the attached brackets

Can anyone give me and pointer and tell me what size nuts bolts etc i need?? Should I go to Toyota and order them up or can i use normal ones from a motor factors??

This is mine and my dads job for the weekend

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to TOC!

Have a look at the attached pdf. Do your steps and brackets look anything like the ones in the attached pdf?

If they do, then there is you answer. The pdf shows standard M8 nuts and bolts (40mm length and 20mm), which you should be able to get almost anywhere.

No need to go to Mr T.

If those are not your steps, try going to:

and have a look under: owner -> accessory installation manuals to see if you can find a document to match your steps.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:

Side steps 5Dr PZ415-X2909-ZA_ZB.pdf

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SHCM ur a star, thanks ever so much

This forum is brilliant

thanks again


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