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Cruise Control On E12 2006 1,6Vvti?

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Hi guys, i was reading the local toyota forum and one guy posted a topic about installation of Cruise Control on avensis.

I was wandering if it is possible to instal one on my corolla e12 late 2006 production. It is 1,6 vvti Sol edition.

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A friend of mine with a facelift 1.6 E12 (i.e. with electric accelerator like yours) replaced his whole steering wheel together with all the rest of the electric equipment behind it, with one from a Rav4 with cruise control.

Now he has cruise control on his E12 facelift.

I do not know the details exactly but it can be done this way.

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Hey! Look what I found!


I think it also works for 1.6 facelift E12 !

It can't be this easy surely. Don't get me wrong, hope it is as I would kill for Cruise Control on my TSport, but I dare-say life isn't this easy. Don't we need to install something under the accelerator pedal also? I'm unsure as to whether that would be necessary but I no it was a lot of hard work in the 206

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My friend this will not work on a TSport or a 1.4 E12 as they have accelerator throttle cable/cord! (not even in 1.6 E12 pre-facelifts)

This will only work for E12 1.6 facelift editions which have electronic accelerator.

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Just a quick update.

I removed the drivers airbag and found that i have the avensis 2003-2006 wiring harness.

The trouble is there is no free space to install the CC switch.

I will have to use an American stile steering wheel, or pfl steering wheel.


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Ok, after long time i had to get back to this and i made it. I managed to install cruise control on the rolla. I used the standart cc options of the car. I'll make a photo tutorial soon. Is anyone interested?

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Yes, would be interested to see how its done .

Have seen some of the 51 pages of that original post by SpeedChaser, is it as simple as he shows ...?

Wonder how much those two parts cost today, were £72 post paid from Kingo in 2008.

Would like to know if you can fully disable the air bag before removing the steering wheel to avoid any chance of it going off ?

What country are you from ? - your icon shows a left hand drive model, any practical differences when modifying a right hand one ?

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Hello again.

It appeared that my corolla has the wiring for the criuse control, but doesn't have the correct steering wheel, and i cant install the standard cruise control switch.

Also my car doesn't have the necessary clutch switch.

In brief i made a simple switch with 4 buttons for the cruise control, and used a simple 12 volt supply to a pin of the ecu, to emulate the clutch switch.

I'll make a photo tutorial in a few days. The cruise control work perfect now, and all i paid for parts was 2 quid.

I'll try to use a different switch to make the system look more oem.

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Am I right in thinking that it will not work on the e12 with cable attached throttles? or is that possible?

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Hi  Burkov,

Don't know if you are still following the forum, but just after some info on your version of the CC.

Opened up  my 2006 and its the same type of steering wheel plug and metalwork as your picture, so I cannot fit the control in there, though the cars original handbook does show a CC stalk option on the steering wheel.

Have found details of the resistor ladder, but need to know where the signal gets fed in to the wiring loom ?

Any help appreciated.

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Hi oldcodger,

I had to pull a new cable from the ECU to the steering coloumn. I dont remeber the exact pin, but i can check it later this week.

The ground cable is connected anywhere you find it comfortable, i connected it to the steering colomn.

I did not use a original CC stalk, i used an old peugeot 206 music stalk and connected the resistors to it. It has exactly 4 options, so works ok for me.



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Hi Burkov,

Many thanks indeed for coming back in, was not sure if you were even following the forum or had a rolla these days, since your last post in 2015.

Makes one wonder how they fitted the cruise control to the steering wheel type thats fitted on our 2006 models, have only seen a crude diagram in the handbook, not an actual photo showing it on the wheel.

Did ask the local Mr.T for the parts price or if they would actually do a retro fit criuise control, but no, they don't do things like that  on such old cars ( in so many other words)

Would have though one of those spare socket holes  on the steerring wheel might be for the signal, but have not been able to find any wiring diagram showing the steering wheel connectors or the CCS pin on the ECU for our 2006 uk model.

Seems you can buy the Toyota copy stalks for under a tenner on ebay  these day and have found this chart showing the ladder resistance readings, wonder if these are the same as what you made up or if different models use difference values ?

How / where did  you  attach your stalk,  to the wheel ?

What I have just been looking at is fitting one of these 35mm diameter navigation switches to the blank plastic cover on the right hand side of the wheel , opposite the audio controls, using a smaller pcb to mount it on.


If you could find the right pin on the ECU for the CCS input it would be very much appreciated.


Thanks again.




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Hello! I too would like to know the right ECU pin for the CCS and clutch switch. Would be much nicer to actually know what I'm doing before trying to tinker with the ECU and short it out as a result..

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Oh guys, i'm sorry. I had some problems last month and totally forgot about the ecu.

I'll take a photo in a few hours. Jus be sure, to check your ECU model, so you don't burn it.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys sorry for the long delay.

We have health issues in the family so i dont have much time.


Here is my Ecu:


The wire goes to the second plug.

Here is the wire i had to connect to:


Its a red white wire.

The other wire for the CC is ground. I used a bolt under the steering column.

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Hi Burkov, 

Trust your problems are not too serious ..

Thanks for the pics, will check out on mine and post the results, got a far east CC switch stalk ready for it now.

Could you clarify one other point, you said earlier   "  and used a simple 12 volt supply to a pin of the ecu, to emulate the clutch switch "

Assume that means  if there was a switch on the clutch it would break the 12v when pressed ?

Again assume in practice  its an almost redundant feature  ? but  again which pin of the ECU does that 12v go to ? or is there an empy socket for such a  switch, taped somewhere near the clutch  pedal ?



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Sorry i wasnt clear enought.

I dont have a clutch switch, so i have to provide a switched positive to the red-white cable for the ecu. I used a 12 volt positive from the fuse box. The idea is that you fool the ecu that the clutch is not pressed. When pressed you loose the positive to the ecu and the cc is stoped. The thing is with a constant positive to the ecu when you press the clutch and the cc is on it will increase the rpm, but the cc will still be on. If you can, instal a switch to clutch, but i didn't have at the time of installation ant to be honest i dont see any trouble this way.

For the cc switch you have two wires. One is ground and the other is red-yellow going to the steering wheel. I have a plug so its easier to disconnect if necessary:



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