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Touch And Go: Album Artwork And Sms Problems

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Hey guys!

I'm new to the forums, as I've just picked up my brand new Toyota Yaris today! (It's not my first one though, my second!). I was hoping that I could find some answers to a couple of questions/problems that I was having with the Touch and Go system, namely the lack of displayed album artwork, and the inability to send and receive SMS.

Firstly, I spent ages on my PC making an mp3 data cd, including making sure each file had the correct ID3 tag information and linked artwork. In Windows Explorer all of them have the artwork in the thumbnail, as well as all the relevant song info. However, upon putting the disc into my Touch & Go player, I was bitterly disappointed that the artwork didn't show, despite the square box on the left clearly indicating that it should. I was wondering whether I've done something wrong, or that it simply cannot read the artwork from an mp3 cd, but has to read it from a USB stick

Secondly, my phone connects fine to the T&G via bluetooth, being able to send and receive calls, as well as playing the small amount of songs/music I had on my phone. However, the SMS message option is unavailable. I though that there may be a setting I'm missing out on either the T&G or my phone; or that my particular model cannot send SMS. The second scenario seems unlikely to me, as why would I be able to make calls etc., but not send messages?

If anyone could help me out I'd very much appreciate it. If I've posted in the wrong forum then feel free to point me in the right direction!

Thanks very much!


Neil L.

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Not all phones support the SMS feature. I have one of the latest Nokia's and that doesn't support SMS.

Go to the touch and go website, other services and check your phone out under the bluetooth compatibility option


Have fun with the new car


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I don't know about the SMS (actually I never thought about it :) but my car doesn't have SMS capability either).

But concerning the MP3 album art, from what I read in the manual, I think it's only available for iPod (but I can't test it out since I don't have one). When I use a USB key with MP3s I don't see the album art either. If anyone knows of a workaround, I'd also like to know :)

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