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P0627 What Would You Try Changing First?

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Hi all,

First post here, looks like there's loads of knowledgeable people here so hoping you might be able to help. Thanks in advance for all replies.

I have a 2004 Rav4 D4D that's just gone past 80k miles. For some time it has struggled to start in the morning which I had assumed was a sign that Battery would need replacing soon.

Over the past week the EML has started coming on intermittently, but (so far) always just after starting the car after it has been sat for >6hours, with a P0627 fault code which, as I understand it, suggests that readings are not as expected from the fuel circuit and often then can be a sign that SCVs need replacing. Once I've had the car running for 5-10 mins, if I clear the fault code the car starts fine and there have been no more problems until the car sits for some time when you can get by following the same process again.

There is no continuity between SCVs and engine block, both SCVs are within tollerance at 1.7ohms so as I understand it I'm down to guess work on that front. Battery holds 12.59volts without load and 11.9volts with load after engine has run for 5-10 mins but after car has sat for >6 hours it's down to 12.2volts without load and 11.8 with load.

So, are there any more tests that you'd do in order to try and narrow down the problem further or would you start replacing things, and in what order?

Cheapest thing connected to replace first would be fuel filter at roughly £20. I'm wondering whether it's worth giving the Battery a go given current symptoms at roughly £60 and unless there is a test that I can do to guarantee that SCVs are faulty they are probably last at about £250. That is unless anyone able to offer any experiences to change things.

Again, thanks in advance for looking and any replies.



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Every time I have had 0627, SCVs have been successful. I think Kingo said the price had come down and he will post you some tomorrow. You will find all the details pinned in the maintenance tips.

Welcome to the club!!!

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