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Been Bumped! :(


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Hi all,

Today my little Aygo was reversed into by a Range Rover. It could have been a lot worse and I am amazed by how my Aygo has withstood the bump. The bumper has been pushed back so the bonnet over hangs ever so slightly, but I work in a garage so they can sort that. The question I did want to ask though; there was a plastic panel that had fallen down by the grill. We fished it out and it looks like this:

I don't suppose anyone knows where it has come from and what purpose it serves? I think there's a part number on it, but a Google search hasn't yielded any information.

Thanks guys.




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As Devon Aygo says, it's one of the radiator air guides.

This post may be handy......


When the bumper is off, check carefully for damage to

the square front crossmember and also, the headlight clips.

Headlight clips = new headlamp. Also, check your air-con hasn't been damaged.

(The condenser (radiator part) or the pipework).




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