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Yet Another 5Th Gear Problem Thread...

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I've just bought a 2002 Rav4 D4D diesel 5-speed manual, as my family is moving to Africa to volunteer for a charity and we're going to export this car. The Rav has a bad "rumble" in 5th gear at about 50mph: if you accelerate up to 60 in 4th and then go to 5th the rumble isn't nearly as bad, and it's not that bad if you then drop back to 50mph. However the vibration is always there in 5th, and you can feel it through the gear stick.

I've researched around this and found people with vibration problems caused by selector cables, and also that there's a known issue with wear on 5th gear causing the car to jump out of 5th. I think the rumble I am experiencing is going to be more like the latter issue that the former because it's such a low frequency vibration: it feels like a wheel bearing or universal joint, or like driving over the rumble strips at the side of the road.

I have a brilliant local garage, but they don't usually touch gear boxes. Looking at http://www.rav4world.com/forums/85-4-1-faults-fixes/64188-5th-gear-popping-out-self-repair.html, though, the work seems pretty easy and I think they would take it on.

What do people think - not much to go on, but does it sound like something which would be fixed by doing the work in the link above?

Incidentally, or maybe not..., there's a low-level hum or whirring noise when I reverse. Not sure if it might be connected. Any clues?


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Hi Jason,

From what you describe, this is certainly 5th gear wear. You should replace the 5th gear assembly as described in the posts here.

Not sure about the noise in reverse: it could be simply some part of the engine/transmission/exhaust coming into contact with bodywork when the power unit "reverses" torque. If only a minor nuisance, I would ignore it . . . unless you enjoy cruising around in reverse, that is! Do, however, check the gearbox Oil level - and be sure to refill with 75W-80 gear Oil when completing the repair, which is straightforward. Be sure to (get them to) make up a puller (as detailed) - it's essential.


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2002 Rav4 D4D diesel Replace 5th Gear

I don’t know the full details but Toyota are aware of this problem and have made a mod to prevent the 5th gear failing like this

You will need to do some searches on the SEs to get more information…

Sorry I saw this some months back and never bookmarked the info…

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The replacement parts listed in the recent posts include the modified parts to overcome the original parts' wear/failure.


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