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Reading Meet?

ms speed

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At the McDonalds car park again?

From the FTO forums:


The Reading Jap car owners’ club static meet will be on Tuesday the 20th of April 2004 @ the Comet car park near the Madejski stadium J11 M4 Reading from 6PM

The meet will not move on to pc world

Look out for over 100 jap beasts and we may see some girls modelling on cars this time.


Please remember to drive safely and slowly into and out of the car park and on your journey home!!!

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I'll be there with my mate. We'll be in a Alfa 147, with a Honda CRX and Bravo in toe. My other mate might also bring down his Rover 218Vi. If it was just a week later I'd have a T-Sport to bring down too !!!!

Oh well...

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the 147 is striking except for the fiat build quality :rolleyes:that is

so true

Clarksons comments still make me laugh: :lol:

(Clarkson doing an impression of an alfa)

so we go round a corner and oh look the oil light comes on and the car says 'hey theres a problem with the oil is all going wrong' and on the next corner it goes off and the car says 'oh no its gone off everythings ok i dont know what im talking about' :lol::lol::lol:

that blokes a legend!

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Ok people.. for those of you that are going i hope to see you there.. erm... not really into asking everyone i meet if they are from the forums so il be the one with the T Sport and the Prelude both in black.. Prelude has Animal across the front of it!

Hope to see some of you tomorrow then! :thumbsup:

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Not a bad turnout - shame about the weather. Ms. Speed I liked the stickers on the car, gave it a sporty look. But where's the rear spoiler! I thought T-Sport had em as standard!

Anyway, good night.

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Hiya, Didnt see you! where was you a hiding! under a big umbrella i spose!

Im sure it did too.. but its an import, so i dont kno if that makes any difference..

Im not too worried tho, i would ahev taken it off when i brought the roof spoiler im looking for anyway! :thumbsup:

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I did look to see if you were anywhere near but couldn't see you so I just walked on. The Alfa was parked probably two rows away.

No worries, next meet you'll have to leave a space for me so that we can park our Yaris' next to eachother! :D

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