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Engine Judder While Driving

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I suspect I am cursed as I have only had this car 3 weeks. Many of you were kind enough to reply and help in my other thread (starting from cold) which was resolved yesterday by the fitting of a new Battery at a cost of £150 inc. diagnostic. Car seems fine in that respect if still a little reluctant straight from cold.

Anyway, today I took the car for its first really good run since I bought it - 30 miles on the motorway and it seemed fine. Until I came off the Motorway and was driving normally on A roads when the car suddenly started to judder (engine) noticeably - almost akin to running on 3 cylinders but not quite so severe. On stopping the tickover was fine and at normal, constant RPM. Starting off again and the problem started once more until I got home.

Really am at a bit of a loss now; not only with the symptoms but as to whether I have actually bought a dog. I traced the previous 2 owners before buying, both of whom were elderly blokes and who confirmed that the car was sound with no issues during their respective periods of ownership since new. The car is 5.5 years old and I guess small niggles are to be expected but my previous Toyota experiences have been totally hassle free, hence the reason I am a little lacking in confidence about the one.

There also comes a point where spending on it becomes uneconomical.

Any views on the juddering/similar experiences or words of wisdom as to the degree of confidence in the car?

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hi matey

you must to consider the following reasons:

- EGR clogging/partly clogging;

- SCV might to play;

- MAF sensor is dirty;

- fuel filter is dirty;

- water in diesel (sensor on the fuel filter);

- lack of signal on the injector control ;

- poor injection (over fueling or one/two cylinders);

- engine air filter

- error stored in ECU

start to investigate and revert with outcome

cheers / Igor

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