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Tvss Iv-D Alarm On 2001 Celica 190 Won't Disarm

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I have been driving my 2001 Celica 190 for about 6 years and haven't had a problem with the alarm until now.

Its an English spec, factory standard car, and the alarm is a TVSS IV-D.

I recently changed the car Battery as it was struggling to hold charge, and when i connected the new Battery, the alarm immediately went off. Siren and Indicators. Thinking this was because the bonnet was open i closed the bonnet and tried to disable the alarm with the fob.

The alarm remained armed, with the status LED glowing red.

I have tried disconnecting the Battery again with the car unlocked and holding the bonnet switch down when i reconnect the Battery - but the alarm immediately goes off and will not disarm.

I have tried unlocking the car using the fob and using the key in the door - but nothing i do will disarm the alarm system.

Left standing, both locked and unlocked the status LED flashes red. Unlock the car with the fob and it continues to flash red.

Open a door and it goes off for approx 30 seconds. During this time i can get in and start the car no problem.

After approx 30 seconds the alarm stops, but the status LED glows solid red.

Stopping the car and getting back out is ok - but opening the boot or bonnet sets the siren and indicators off again.

I've tried everything i can think of and I'm hoping someone can help. I don't want to take it to a Toyota garage and pay for expensive diagnostics if there's a trick to resetting the TVSS IV-D.

Before the neighbours complain I'm hoping someone can help. Hopefully this isn't an uncommon problem?

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