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Torque (On Android) Sensor Readings

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Please join me with your readings, apologies for not posting on other thread but though this maybe easier to follow:-

All readings taken in 5th Gear, motorway driving on cruise control, Avensis D4-D T180 76K Miles on clock, readings taken on a motorway run (100 miles return) - overall mpg was 46 which is pretty normal for mine. Car in good shape an no EGR issues or head gasket issues (...yet)

Speed RPM AFR (M) EGR Coolant Load Fuel Press. Intake Temp MAF Throttle Boost Outside temp mph (GPS) :1 deg C psi deg C % deg C Accurate 50 1800 19.8 37.3 93 60 11150 6 21.2 39.6 5 55 1950 20.4 24.3 93 64.7 8300 6 30.8 56.5 -1.6 55 1950 24 23.1 93 54.5 8509 6 32.8 62.4 -1.2 60 2100 20.5 45.9 93 54 12760 6 27.2 40.4 -0.4 60 2100 21.5 21.2 93 50.6 8951 6 38.8 65.5 60 2100 22 19.6 93 54.9 9307 6 42.5 67.1 0.4 60 2100 23.9 19.2 93 47.8 8686 6 38 64 -0.9 65 2200 25 16.1 93 44.7 9300 6 48.3 69 1.2 70 2400 18.37 21.8 93 54.9 12000 6 40.6 61 -0.3 70 2400 25.5 19.9 93 50.6 11209 6 66.3 70 75 2600 24.4 6.7 93 47.1 11519 6 70.3 70.6 3

Maximum Boost I was was 13.9psi when accelerating hard from circa 70-90mph

EGR Valve: Saw 63.9 at Idle & 89 on the Overrun.

Would be interested in your comments/concerns

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Hello to all who are interested in this sort of stuff.

Here is a screen shot of my Avensis 2.2 d4d150 at idle from the Torque Pro software.

I have no problems with the car at present with no logged faults now or in the past history so I guess this info should represent a good readout for a car that's running well.

There is a lot more info in this software but I thought this would be a good one to start off with just as an example of a random readout.

Click to enlarge picture.



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First off i've just seen a typo in my last post which I edited ...

"Hell to all who are interested in this sort of stuff." it should have read HELLO not HELL ..... OOPS!!

Nice layout for the results Andy, did you put them into Exel to get them like that?

I just emailed the screenshot to myself from Torque and saved it before putting on here.

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I've got an Excel copy if you eg. wanted to compare your results

Thanks Andy, I do have the MS Office package on my PC's but I'm not great with Excel maybe this is the time to start improving my office skills :laughing: . First off though I need to get my head around all the stuff Torque Pro can do! Maybe I should PM you for some tips and tricks ;) .


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Cheers :)

now what OBD did you all get??

Yes you can use the samsumg android phone with free Torque app from the Appstore or pay £2.99 for the full Pro version.

I got the bluetooth ELM 327 from Cargenie on Ebay at around £12.00, it works very well.

Regards Pete.

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Thanks Pete,

was looking at the same one when I did a search on ebay..

just a couple of questions.

Where is the plug situated in the avensis and has anyone tried to link it to the sat-nat screen???

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I took all my readings using Torque Pro on my Android 9" tablet (Sony Tablet S)

Thanks for that,

I've been looking the cheaper range on ebay but most of them don't have bluetooth like the sony and Samsung. The Torque app won't work on Apple & blackberry tablets so those are out of the running.

Cheers ...


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Hi guys.

Would the people who use Torque or Torque Pro please be kind and write a few comments on the "physical" equipment they use? I mean the part that connects to the OBD port?

I'd like to use this app, but I'm not really sure on which equipment to buy.


Best regards


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