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Issue With Bluetooth In My 56 Plate Prius

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Hi everyone,

I'm already a member of this forum under the name 'elzawelza' and I joined via facebook but for some reason there's an error whenever I try and sign in again so have had to re-join as I desperately need help with this issue...anyway, that is besides the point of this post lol.

Basically, I have a 56 plate Prius T-Spirit, which has all the bells and whistles on it so hopefully that'll be a good start to explaining the situation. Anyway, I connect my Samsung Galaxy S3 to it via bluetooth and its fine, until I'm about 25 mins + into a phone call. It then starts cutting out randomly so I start to sound like a computer with my voice cutting in and out. Problem is, I don't know its happening but the person I'm speaking to thinks I do so they start speaking louder until it gets to the point where we end up arguing because of the way my voice is going through sounds as if I know its happening...does that make sense? The other person's voice comes through absolutely fine with no breaking up at all.

Anyway, I've tested my phone by phoning people when I'm not connected to my bluetooth but in the car (I'm wasn't driving tho I hasten to add lol) and there's no cutting out and neither is there any cutting out when I'm not on bluetooth but the other person is, so I'm pretty convinced its not the phone itself.

Thus I'm just wondering, has anyone else had this issue? And if so, how was it resolved? Was it just a case of a simple software update to the bluetooth part of the car? Or is it something more?

Thanks :D

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I had a Samsung phone that had bluetooth problems. It had difficulty auto connecting to the bluetooth and a few times it dropped the connection. I emailed Samsung and they gave me what was supposed to be a possible solution but it was no good to me. Samsung gave me instructions for a smartphone but mine's is just a normal phone :rolleyes: When I mentioned this to Samsung, they told me there was a fault on my phone. I don't think there's much point in me posting Samsung's solution as your problem seems a bit different, though I can if you want. They mentioned stuff about a clash between operating systems, and a workaround for it. Maybe you could give Samsung an email ;) ha ha they might tell you how to fix my phone instead.

Have you tried pairing another phone up with the car to test?

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My wife has a Samsung phone and when we had the Gen 2 Prius it would not connect to the cars bluetooth. Toyota dealer suggested getting a Sony Ericsson phone. That connected first time on the Gen 2 & now our Gen 3. We have had no problems with Sony Erricson phone and the cars bluetooth. On this web site there is a list of compatible phones for the Prius. I cannot find it at the moment.

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Car and phones via bluetooth don't always play nice and it depends on how things are implemented by manufacturers (both of the car and of the phone), plus the BT connection can be affected by about a gazillion external factors. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that my S3 seems to be working fine with the T&G on the Yaris HSD - I say "seems" because I haven't done any extensive testing given that it's not something that I really use.

I take it you have the latest software installed for your car system and your S3 is on the latest OS update too?

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................ until I'm about 25 mins + into a phone call...........

You could try to find less talkative friends??? ;)

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