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D4D Engine...........

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Hi all,am contemplating putting some weight in the boot of my Rav to counteract the weight of the engine on the front tyres.

Its just that ive heard that we are due some more snowy weather,and want to make sure that my rear tyres do actually grip............

Or is it really necessary ?

Last year i put 2x 25kg bags of water softener salt cubes in the boot,side by side....only for a few days mind....it seemed to help,i never got stuck,i obviously use more fuel,but worth it to make sure i get around with no problem.

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I sorted Mrs Ps survival kit out last weekend and put all that in a box in the boot,along with some loose salt,but i always used to put a bag of salt grit in for extra weight when i was driving,but not sure about the Rav if its needed?

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Don't use cubes, loose salt is better.... You can always use it to melt the ice and get some traction that way :)

Well.......i work in a plumbers merchant and we sell 25kg bags of softener salt,cubes , granular & block salt.

We sell getting on for 300 bags a week amongst other things,so i have plenty of access to salt in either form & and normally borrow 2 bags for the back of my Rav if weather gets that bad.

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