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Revs Increase 400 Rpm When Clutch Is Pressed Or Cruising In Neutral

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Hello, I'm new to this forum, so my apologies if this issue has been discussed. I tried to search the forums, but did not find a precisely similar topic/problem.

I bought my used 2007 Auris 1.6 Dual VVT-i about a mont ago. It has a milage of approx 50000 miles. Manual gear.

The problem is that the revs seem to rise for about 400 rpm, if I press the clutch or change to neutral. Take for example in the morning - The engine is cold and the normal idle is 1000 rpm. When I am in normal drive at approx 1500 rpm and approach a red light, I depress the clutch (in intention to just cruise to the light before stopping) and my revs drop to normal idle and immediately climbs to 1400rpm. As soon as the car is completely stopped, the revs drop back to normal idle.

The same happens with a hot engine. Normal idle is approx 600, i drive at normal speed at 2000 rpm, depress the clutch and the revs drop first to 600 rpm and climb immediately up to 1000 rpm, where the revs hang until the car is stopped. It feels as like the ECU is forcing the engine to rev an additional 400 rpm.

I took it to my local Toyota dealer, who told me that it just might be normal behavior to an Auris, which seemed quite stange to me. They agreed to change the air intake gasket and to clean my throttle body as warranty work, as I suspected an air leak or a dirty TB. I also did a ECU reset, but none of these had any effect.

Could my fellow Aurinist's tell me if this is normal behavior or not. If it is normal, is it due to emission control or to burn out any excess fuel?

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Ask them to reflash the ECU so it learns your driving style rather than going with old habits.

The Auris (in my experience) does increase the revs to enable smooth gear changes if you forget to blip the throttle. I also find if you have the heater on full whilst the engine is cold the engine will drop to idle revs when you stop, and then increase, until the engine is warm.

Normal Auris behavior as far as I am concerned.

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Any auxillary items switched on like headlamps, rear heated window, A/C will make the idle behave strangely, especially when cold. Try sitting there and turn things on and off one at a time to see what I mean. The vehicle is also fitted with emission controls which raises the revs when changing gear, some people think it is the throttle sticking but it is quite natural as well

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Ok, thank you for confirming that it's normal behaviour.

As you probably already figured out from my grammar, I am not from the UK or Ireland region, but I decided to join as you guys seem to be very active on this forum and above all, seem to know the solution to every problem.

At the moment, it is -22°C here and the rev fluctuation is clearly a bit higher than in for example 0- -5°C temperatures. I tried to turn the heater off and it had quite a positive effect on the fluctuation, just as Crasstoe mentioned. The next two months or so will probably be constantly below -20°C and the sun will not rise at all, so I'll just have to get used to having almost every auxiliary equipment on (lights, heating, seat warmers, rear window heater...).

All in all I have really grown to like my "new" Auris and I am quite certain that this will not be my last toyota.

Thank you guys again for your answers!

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