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New Female Here Looking To Buy First Prius

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Hi All,

Female here going green, looking to buy my first Prius as love parents one have looked at a few 2001/03 models (dont have a lot of money at moment) anyway can anyone answer what the square hole in the right hand side of the boot is for? It has the boot cover mat over it and lifts up, beside it is the towing hook thing I think, but what is the hole for? Anyway nearly about to buy my first one and go eco. Thanks and be Green. Tinks

OOPS Just seen that no replies here, great start lol

Can anyone move this to the right area, Sorry xx

Anything I need to look out for when buying a Saloon 2001 to 2003 ?

Problems on this model year ?

Cant afford a lot hence this car.

Thanks Tinks.

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I believe the saloons were personal imports from Japan, so not many members here have experience of them.

You might be better of asking on the US site Priuschat.

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Hi Cootuk,

According to what I have researched, Toyota developed the Saloon in 1994 and lauched it in 1998 to the public which meant that Toyota also sent Right Hand drive ones to the UK (how many does anyone know?) They had a 12 year warranty on the bodywork corrosion/perforation plus 5 years or 60,000 miles Comprehensive cover on manufacturing or assembly fault.

And 60,000 on Hybrid warranty 100,000 on batteries.

Pritty good for 1998 dont you think and look at what you get now with most car companies.

Hence trying to find one that has been looked after and genuine as my parents love theres.

So anyone with info on the Salloon Mk1 model 1998 which they changed in 2001 to 2003 and then in 2003 the saloon with boot became a 5 door hatchback.

Did you know they had magnisuim wheels to keep the weight down and low tolerance/drag tyres to help MPG.

Tinks has done a lot of research but still needs some questions answered.

1: In the boot of the saloon as you look into it there is a oblong hole which something fits in to this, does anyone know what? (its right beside where the towing eye fits/is).

2: Does anybody know of any faults this car has ever had andany factory recalls?

3: Looking to set up an owners club via/with this owners club JUST for this model SALOON 1998 TO 2003, Good Idea anyone?

Thanks Tinks, come on you guys help this Girl for once xxx thanks

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I just dont know anything about the first generation prius,however I do have a theory about what the rectangular hole may be for. Some cars have no spare tyre and no space saver spare tyre either....instead they have a can of goo and an air compressor which fits into a rectangular hole in the area where one would normally find a spare tyre. Maybe this is something they tried with the first generation as a weight and cost saving option?

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Hi Wass,

Thanks for your message, but the first Gen1 has a Full Spare Magnesuim wheel in the boot along with jack/wheel brace and towing eye, so doesnt need a tube of get you home goo. So according to what I have been looking at this isnt the answer, my theory is a Tyre Compressor but again not sure.

Come on you Guys does a Girl have to solve this problem, what kind of site is this? lol

I even get my hands dirty as also studying a Mechanics night school class.

Tinks xxx

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I think that I didnt make myself very clear. Despite the fact that some cars left the factory with full size spares, maybe Toyota were leaving themselves a weight saving option of not supplying any spare at all. It is quite well known that the specification of vehicle produced by the factory varies with whatever country the car may have been destined for. Therefore they might have just left that space for left hand drive cars headed for the americas market?

Does a girl have to solve this problem?Maybe you can answer your question more capably than the next person; given that you have more experience ( through your parents first generation) than most. I suspect that it is most likely that the rectangular slot is for a compressor.

Good luck with the night classes. Most amateur tinkerers and professional motor technical staff now use disopable gloves in order to minimise the risk of dermatitis and therefore your hands should remain relatively clean. Keeping your finger nails well trimmed means fewer puncures in your gloves and therefore much safer and hygeinic working.

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what's your budget by the way? there are some early gen 2 going for as low as £3000. it really is a big improvement over the previous generation.

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