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The 3 Lights Of Doom Have Beggared Off.......

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The 3 lights of doom came on again on the 28th after being turned off by Mr T (see particulate filter blocked thread) they then went off on the 30th and all systems are go again.

Why did this happen? Do these lights go off eventually if you ignore them for two days? or does it fix itself and cancel the alert?

A guid new year to yin an a'


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As I understand it (and based on some potentially hazy memories from a while back), the P2002 code is thrown when the ECU decides through a series of averages that the pressure differential before/after the CAT is not great enough. By the sounds of things, the code will clear if the situation improves.

However, I'd say it was very likely that it will come back unless you have done some work to resolve whatever is causing the issue (be that blocked pipework, grotty EGR valve, a non-functioning CAT or something else).

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