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Did anyone see DISPATCHES on channel 4 on Monday.

It was what happens when your car goes in for an accident repair.

Insurence firms like you to have any repairs done at there approved bodyshops as we all know.

But some firms want bodyshops to use non genuine parts such as panels etc.

The insurece firm inspector try to get the cheapest job as possible done when they are paying for it, but where its not there customerd fault of an accident then they like the price to be as high as possible when an other firm is paying for it.

One case was of a reinforcing bar in a cars door that was damaged in an accident they tried to talk the bodyshop into not replacing it when the car was being repaired at main dealers,that the owner of the car insisted the repairs were carried out at. As is an owners right.

In an other case the inspector Wanted the estimated time of the job reduced plus a reduction on the hourly rate charge at a non approved garage.

These are only a couple of examples of what is going.

When a garage is approved by a insurence firm they have to buy the paint from maker that they approve of,that is to say not a genuine original thats on a car,

Plus buy the paint from a distributor of the paint insurece firm tells them to

The insurence firm gets handbacks from the paint firm and distributor of that paint.

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I had this argument with mine when I needed a new windscreen for the M3... they wanted to use pattern 3 series parts. I pointed out that only "like for like" would do (Auto rain detecting, "climate comfort" metalic heat shield stuff, and the tinted strip.

I got the correct part fitted :D

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