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Heavy & Squeaky Clutch 2.0 D4D Diesel 2004

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My research tells me that its a problem with the Clutch Master Cylinder & needs replacing.

Dealer only part- Rang a few motor factors and have searched online but cannot find any cheaper.

Looking about £100 excluding labour will be using local mechanic- do have the repair procedure.

also can be found on.


(thank you pete :thumbsup:)

I can live with the squeakiness but the heavy clutch I cannot put up for much longer. ruining the drive.

I was wondering has anyone of you had this changed and did you feel the difference when pressing the clutch?

or is there actually a different way round this, surely the taxi drivers who drive the avensis can not put up with a really heavy clutch especially around town.

sadly there are not many being used as taxi's round here, but have seen many out of town.

and anything to watch out for?

Thank you in advance.

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Sent this in a PM also.

I think you should check all the linkages and pivots first, disconnect the master cylinder pushrod from the pedal and see if the pedal is still stiff. Then I would think about checking the slave cylinder pivot, maybe the release bearing is jamming as it slides forward ... then changing the master cylinder if nothing found. In the end the clutch assembly maybe knackered but do the cheapest way first ,,,, sorry I can't be more precise.

I think you have the .pdf file from a previous post so that will help.


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bent mater cylinder push rod, makes a heavy pedal and because it is no longer true to the centre line causes a squeak as well

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bent mater cylinder push rod, makes a heavy pedal and because it is no longer true to the centre line causes a squeak as well

Thank you Phil. have you had the same problem if so did it cure the problem when changed?

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CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER CHANGED, only available from Toyota dealers- £101.83 ex vat Part number T31420-05011.

will need a gasket as-well : part no: T31415-10010. (£1.13) and I changed the brake/clutch fluid.

First of all thank you for the guys for the advice Igor, tspiritPete, Acetip, Phil01 and PartsKing.

Clutch is much lighter, Better car to drive. although its not the lightest clutch I've pushed but have been told the Avensis clutch is slightly heavy as standard.

There is also no squeak when clutch is pressed now.

So its a result!

Labour time- about an hour.

You were right Phil01. The old rod was bent.

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excellent news mate, and thanks for the feedback on the outcome.

Feedback helps us to give out better advise to any future members posting similar questions

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Another update, Have had to replace the slave clyinder- clutch was not releasing properly and squeak was back.

£60 part no: 31470-32023.

Old part really rusty and would not bleed properly.

gears are really smooth, even lighter clutch, no squeak, if theres a squeak now, it must be the bushes in the pedal.

bl**dy expensive parts, labour was cheaper!

the slave cylinder can also be purchased from local motor factors.

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