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Can Anyone Help Me Please?

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Hi, i posted a while ago about the issue im having on my rav4 j automatic 1996.

I had a check engine light and took it straight to the garage and they said i have a bank 1 and 2 o2 sensor issue. We replaced both of the sensors and the engine light will not go out and due to the age of the car my mechanic says he is unable to reset the engine light.

Can someone please tell me what else cold b causing this issue and if there is any way it can be reset as im 6 mnths pregnant and very ill and finding it difficult to walk, therefre really cant be without my beloved rav any longer.

Also could someone please tell me where the EGR valve is located as someone mentioned that this may be causing an issue too.

Thanks so much for your help, you have no idea how much I appriciate any help or advice you can give me.


(very stressed and upset rav4 owner)

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It isn't easy to be specific Gerrie when you have the car and we don't. Your garage should know how to perform this kind of diagnosis. Basically they should be cancelling the light (disconecting the Battery will do it) then retrieving any codes that get thrown up again if any. It could be they have fitted uncompatible sensors, damaged them or a completely different fault exists. Is there another garage can look for you?

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you can reset the enginge light by removing the fuse lablled efi, which is in the engine bay. so open the bonnet on the right there is the black fuse box near the right hand strutt. remove lid and i think its the 3rd fuse down, shown on the underside of the lid. remove fuse for 30 secs then reinsert.

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