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Ecu Location/obd - Avensis T25

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Hi Guys -

heres my story - I 'inherited' a 2005 Avensis 1.6 petrol after the engine lunched itself probably due to Oil starvation - so I sourced a 3ZZFE for it and a local mechanic fitted it - car is running fine and everything is working. With one exception - the engine came from a Corolla and the mechanic says that Engine Management Light is on because this part is not connected - I'm guessing the OBD stuff that reports faults by giving you the warning light - (I wasn't around when this was being fitted so only picking up the info from family member i took the car from) - the connection wasn't made as it was different - think the original was a single wire/pin connection and the new engine had a double.

So first off, i wanted to have a look for myself at what is connected or not - and then see if there is some kind of adaptor i can get to get this plugged back in.

Anyone any experience of this? Slight differences after engine changes? As i said, everything else electrical or otherwise is working spot on in the car.

Many thanks -

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HI again - just stuck an OBDII bluetooth thing on the port and hooked it up to an Android running Torque - very impressive - so it reported P0328 which is for a knock sensor - so im thinking this is the sensor that had a different connection for fitting.

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