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After fighting with myself over the BSR system on my T180, I have the opportunity to purchase some fresh alloys that came from a Freelander.....which I understand will fit my Rav4.

They are Zito type 575's


Width 7.5J

Offset ET40

Can anyone let me know or confirm that these would indeed be ok and fit correctly?

Many thanks again in advance.

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The key compatibility features are the PCD (distance between nut/studs), the Centre Bore and the Offset (ET)

The centre bore can often be adapted with a ring - you can go smaller but obviously not bigger, and the Offset can be adapted with spacers to push the wheels out - but cannot bring them in.

The PCD has to be spot on as cannot be adjusted.

The Freelander has a PCD of 5 x 114.3, a CentreBore of 64.2 & an Offset of 35 - 38

The RAV4 has SAME PCD, but Centre Bore is 60.1 and an offset of 35 - 42.

So those wheels should be compatible BUT you need to get some Centre Bore Reducing spigots, otherwise the wheels will not be supported properly and will be dangerous.

Available from lots of places but a good place to start could be www.spigotrings.com

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Excellent reply Hoovie some really good info but what about the wheel nuts? Surely the fitting should match the new wheels or enormous stresses could apply themselves to the Alloy wheel causing at the very least cracks, at the worst the wheel to come off.

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Usually the same wheel nuts removed can be reused for the new wheels and almost all wheels need - and the nuts have - a 60 degree taper, so that *should* not be an issue.

You make a very good point though and the OP should check that the nuts used are compatible with the wheels he is looking to fit.

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