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anyone know if i can get an after market pcv valve for an 03 1.8vvti t25 avensis? after 45minutes on the phone with toyota they at first never heard of it nor knew what it done or where it was located then got a call back to say its £24.50 for this tiny valve!!

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positive crank case ventilation.for emmisions

on turbo cars it lets the vacum from inlet suck the blow by from the crank case into the inlet to be reburnt

when hitting boost the manifold pressure blows the valve in the other direction to block it so your turbo pressure get lost and even blow the dipstick out

on my subaru it was just a shuttle valve

a ball bearing in a journal ( inside a hose fitting from the crank case vent) that moved with vacum or pressure to block one direction or the other

a clean with brake cleaner was all that was reqd if it gummed up with the Oil vapour from engine breathing.

the fault was a loss of turbo pressure.

it was very simple mechanically

on my scoob i vented to Oil catch can then atmosphere and blanked off the hose to inlet return

how does yours operate?

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not sure on how it operates think similar to what yours is but of course non turbo.thought toyota parts manager hadnt a clue what it was on done on the car! need to know if i can get an after market one for it as im not paying over £24.50 +vat for it.

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why do you need one

what are the symptoms on a non turbo car ? blocking of engine breather causing Oil leaks/ flat spots/excess pressure in crankcase??

for the price of a pizza order id get one or do the vta or Oil catch can mod if you have someone that knows a bit about engines and can help.

at this price id say its a mechanical device and should be able to be cleaned via some brake cleaner or removing it and leaving it in a aerosol cap full of petrol or diesel to clean it out?

can it be removed as a servicable item?

is it a more complex part than im thinking of?

hopefully tspiritpete will have an extract of a parts or service manual to see what this is all about as he seems to have nice wee nuggets of info for things like this

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yeah its a serviceable part need to get it cleaned or renewed for mot coming up to keep emissions down.probally just get it cleaned an see if that helps.thanks for your replies rob!

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