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Aygo Audio Solution ?

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So yeah, the Aygo has poo audio. sounds very flat and very thin.

So options:

1. Alpine Head unit, just a single CD + IPod adapter 4x50w

2. Replace dash Speakers with a nice set of 10 cm Coax Speakers ?

Then remove the "Inline" Filter and clip the built in Standard Aygo tweeter out of the loop and send full frequency to both dash and door Speakers ?

On the subject of door Speakers what do i need to buy that would fit ? and look Factory with no cutting messing about ?

Is there anything else i should know? or any advice ?

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Start with a subwoofer. The stereo shop here in Vantaa, Finland recommended to me that the single most important upgrade I can do is have this installed. It has added much needed bass and depth to the sound. Next I will have Speakers installed in the front doors. I have a five door 08 Aygo Blue.

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Hi, now, I am no expert at all but I can tell you this much.... I have just got a pair of Pioneer TS-g 10221 4'' 2 way 240Watt Speakers for the front that fitted straight in with the minimal effort and also a pair of Pioneer TS-g17221 6.5'' 2 way 240Watt Speakers for the rear doors (I had to remove the door cards and cut the hole bigger which was quite easy...i didn't have to cut any metal) and it sounds much better...

The fronts cost £22.49 and the rears £29.90 on ebay from a seller 'Wheels & Bits'

If you really don't want to cut the plastic for the rears, then order 2 sets of the fronts as they would fit straight in..........

Now maybe you could educate me please? ...So, do you think I should disconnect the front tweeters?? what would I do with the wires??

Also, where do I find the inline filter? what does it look like? How will this help?

BTW the standard front Speakers are only rated at 13.5Watts, don't know about the rears as nothing on them to say........

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