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Hid Conversion Kit. Help/opinions Please :)

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Hi guys.

I am looking at possibly converting my car to run HID bulbs, however, I am confused.

I understand the difference between all the kelvin temperatures (the higher the 'k' the brighter the light) and I have decided I want to go in the middle at 8K. When looking on the internet, though, I can't understand the difference between all the 'H' codes. One kit I looked at is 'xenon ""H7"" HID conversion kit', the other is, 'xenon ""H11"" HID conversion kit'. What is the difference between H7 and H11?

Basically I just want to have my normal headlights and my full beam HID at the moment. I heard you can convert fogs too but I want to look into that at a later date.

Also, on a less serious note, I would like to know peoples opinion on HID's on the Auris. Would also like to know if anyone who has them installed has had the car fail an M.O.T or had any trouble with police etc.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

Chris :)

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H11 and h7 is the bulb fittings, different cars have different bulb fittings, both the headlights and fog lights for the auris are h11, I have the 8k had no problems with the police. Just a tip, don't go for the cheap stuff

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