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Rear Pads Completely Worn Down To The Metal After Only 23K Miles

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Hey guys

I don't know if this is correct or not however once upon a time I had an Aygo and then traded it in for an Urban Cruiser... At the time the U/C had roughly 3750 miles on the clock and now the Odo has just tripped over 26,600 or so miles and the rear brake pads are now completely worn down to the metal, which now means I have to have them both replaced at a cost of £215 supplied, fitted and inc of VAT

However the rear brake discs are on back order form Toyota to roughly the 8th/9th August - the receptionist said she will contact Toyota tomorrow to organize a hire car for me (the car is not safe to drive at all, says the mechanic) so that's fine I suppose

However my main gripe is should the rear brake pads have been completely munched through over a period of 23k miles of normal driving?? Surely that can't be right as I'm running the same original front brake discs and pads?

I don't quite like the sound of having to pay for a new set of brake discs and pads for a car that's only 2 years and 2 months old (chronologically speaking when talking about how long I've owned the car - it was a pre-reg demonstrator so I have effectively been the only owner of the car)

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It isn't 23,000 miles it is almost 27,000 miles. Presumably the Urban Cruiser has had two services, possibly three. Was there any indication of brake pad wear given at the services? Any indication of either the handbrake or calipers sticking? Has it a Toyota service history - has the dealer voiced any opinion as to the cause?

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Yeah it will be nearly 27,000 miles - I guess the point I was trying to make was my driving style hadn't changed since I got the car...

However in regards to the service history: -

- it has had 2 services at the SDM Toyota dealer at Falkirk (first was at 11,,161 miles on 30/21/11 and the second service happened at 21,928 miles on Jan' 13 - I cant remember the exact date)

- On the second service, the health check sheet stated that the brakes were only 30% worn (not 30% left on the brakes, 30% worn so I took from the check list that it still had 70% life still in them)

So quite how over a period of 25 or so months, since the car was first registered in December 2010, that the brakes have only worn down by 30% yet between Jan 2013 to June 2013 it has worn down from 70% health to nothing is beyond me! And when operating the car through normal driving and usage, there was no sticky feel in either the handbrake or calipers (my old Toyota Aygo used to have a sticky handbrake so I know what it feels like)

I just don't know where I can go from here - if there was 30% life left in the brakes then fine I would hold my hand up and put that down to negligence on my part however I refuse to believe that my car munching through 70% of a brake pads life within 6-7 months is just standard wear and tear

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rear pads seem to be in the 25-35k range these days discs are seeming to be about 45-50k. A lot less than what they used to be. The VSC system uses the rear brakes as way of stabilizing the car so much so you probably not noticing it. Were the pads evenly worn or just 1 side metal to metal? metal to metal would be making a grinding noise but seen as they are paying for a car for you i would expect this to be correct as Toyota GB will be picking up the bill not your dealer


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