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Heat Shields

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Which ones are the culprit for rattling?

Thought my exhaust was on its way out. Tapped silencer no rattling there and held my hand over the tailpipe to pressurise the system no leaks.

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Could well be the internal baffles in the silencer that are a bit loose / rusty.

The skin is stainless, the internals, mild steel.
Give the silencer a couple of slaps with the palm of your hand.

Is it temperature related?

Try it cold & hot.

(Don't burn your hand of course.)

My original was replaced at 6 years old.

Went to Tony Banks Exhausts near Leeds.

He offers 10 year & lifetime guarantee exhausts.

Loud or quiet.

Very happy with my 10 year quiet one.

(From memory, about £280.00).


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