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Bike Rack.


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Hi, having just purchased a 2007 Corolla Verso TR I'm looking to carry push bikes on the back. The car does't have roof bars so I will be looking for a good quality strap or clip on bike rack. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks Andy.

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Thanks Mike, however I'd rather not fit a tow bar and would be looking for a strap or clip on carrier for 3 bikes. Probably one of those high level ones so as not to cover up the number plate, or even a set of roof bars for the 2007 Verso with no roof rails.

Regards Andy.

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Have 4 bikes to transport. Originally we had two on the roof and two on the back. I really disliked the rear carrier for a number of reasons. 1. Once on you could not open up the boot. 2. It was not secure to be left as it did not lock onto the roof. 3. It was always very bouncy at the back when the rack was on.

We bought two more racks for the top and now have 4 on top. We drive often with them including a drive to Scotland once in a while (600 miles). It feels so much more secure with the roof racks.

Roof racks are great. 1. They lock onto the car and the bikes are locked to the racks. 2. It all feels really secure. 3. You can still access the boot ok. 4. I am not exactly tall (5'9") but can easily get the bikes on and off in 3 minutes for all the bikes!

We have Thule bars and 4 Halfords advanced racks on a 2007 2.2Td. We had to buy feet as we did not have roof bars there already.



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Hi, many thanks for both your replys. Having decided to not have a tow bar fitted I'm going to buy a Roof Rack for the Verso Tr. Although fuel consumption would be down on long journeys I reckon it is practical to be able to access the boot and much more sturdy and of course lockable.

Thanks again Andy.

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