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Does using "Tyre Weld" prevent the puncture being repaired?


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I've a 1998 Toyota Corolla and notice it's come with a space saver wheel. I'm considering removing this to use the wheel well for something else (like storage for an amp or a sub, or something more practical like a tow rope and jump leads) and using the Tyre Weld/puncture repair can for when I may get a puncture.

I bought two cans previously for my 107 as a back up to my spare wheel when I drove to Budapest from Birmingham but never used them. I'd like to know if using them for a puncture would prevent the puncture being fixed? And whether I need a compressor or something to inflate the tyre once the puncture repair liquid is in the tyre?

I know the tyre weld is temporary, so if I were to get a puncture the car would be driven to the nearest tyre place either the moment it happened or the very next day. I'm not considering it to be a permanent fix!

Also, I know that punctures on the shoulder or wall of the tyre can't be fixed. This is strictly about punctures on the tread of the tyre.

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It will depend upon what you have bought. If it is Holts TyreWeld aerosol can it should seal the puncture & inflate the tyre subject to the size of the puncture.

Others have separate sealant & an inflator/injector e.g.  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003QHY000

It will depend upon the particular sealant as to whether it can be removed & the tyre then reused or if it is now scrap.

Downsides, some tyre failures/punctures can't be repaired (too large hole/blow out etc.). The sealant has an expiration date (mind you a tyre has a shelf life too). My car came with a repair kit - I bought a space saver.

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I bought two of the Holts TyreWeld years ago (which I mentioned). I wasn't intending to use them on the Corolla though.

I have seen the one you linked to. My sisters 2013 Yaris came with similar stuff, not sure what she did with it because she went and got a space saver too.

You make good points though, I'm more than sure the space saver my Corolla is past its best so it would need replacing anyway. Plus the last time I had a puncture was in 2012 in Budapest, and I've done nearly 100,000 miles since when without a puncture.

I'll see how I go, I'll just make sure that the gunk I get won't stop the tyre fitters fixing it.

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