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MPG - still impressed


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Today I did a check on my current MPG, something which I do every 4 months or so just to see how things are going. Further, it was a good control sample as I just happened to have used the entire tank for my commuting only, with no other bursts of odd town or motorway driving which may skew the figures from one tank from the next.

My commute is 36 miles per day total. Each leg starts with an urban drive of about 4.5 miles up to the M25 motorway, then around 12.5 miles on the motorway then about a mile of real nasty traffic from when I leave the motorway until I reach work. As you can imagine, the M25 can be a real pig most days and the real nasty stuff near my work will often take me 20 to 30 minutes to navigate on the shifts that I have to leave near 5pm. I kid you not, 30 minutes to do 1 mile.

I made 466 miles on my last tank, with one bar flashing for about the last 10 miles of that. I filled to the brim (top of filler neck) as I always do, and managed to cram in 34.72 litres (I get about an extra 1.5 litres between when the pump clicks off and brimming the filler neck).

This makes a figure of as near as dammit 61mpg.

I think that's pretty impressive for a 12 year old car with 85000 miles on it, and still makes it the cheapest way I can get to work, factoring the cost of the car and fuel/maintenance costs. I actually recently considered buying the cheapest motorbike I could find which would do the job (a 125cc Honda) and did some numbers yet despite it's amazing fuel economy it still worked out that it would take 4 years before the Honda had paid for itself and would actually start saving me money and that's also taking into account not paying toll fees. Plus to make those figures I would have to use it all year round - not something I am keen on, having done that for many years on motorbikes previously.

With the Aygo I get reasonable comfort, the ability to carry whatever I need (including the kids), don't need to spend 15 minutes each way doffing/donning bike gear and of course do not get the same exposure to danger. Yes I get stuck in traffic sometimes but in my older years I just chill and turn the radiogram up (something else which a 125cc Honda won't have). Additionally, I still find it fun to drive, especially with the mods done.

Yep, still happy with the Aygo some 4.5 years after purchase (£3000). Bargain I reckon.

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Congratulations Planemo, really happy that you’re happy with your little Aygo.

I wish i could say the same ONLY taking into account fuel consumption. I do all local start n stop runs daily 10 mile odd all in, but i average 280 on a full tanker. 

But hand on heart, this sounds so silly, but if she returned 150 on a full tanker, id still keep her forever n ever, because i love her so much, she’s nippy and reliable even though she has her rattles n squeaks, recent one is from stand still turning my steering wheel left or right on dry stand, sounds like something needs lubing lol. 

Anyway, she’s comfortable and a dream to drive, 100mph no problem, she can handle that no probs, a doddle to steer her in n out, and carry load wise wow, our recent Maplins shut down sadly, my hubby was a regular there, anyway, we managed to get in the back, seat down, no word of lie, 28 metal dump bins collapsed with fittings, a display box thingy, 2 metal wall mount panels 2metres tall for pinning things, a load of baskets, and my daughters car seat which i should have left at home really, the car was a little low but legal, i had the manager and an assistant come out to take pics lol, at first they said NO WAY are you getting ALL that into that tiny masquito of yours, you’ll have to make 3 trips...and i said WATCH ME, 1 trip....and they couldnt believe it...and not a scratch on the inner or outer of my baby.

So i am really pleased with her.

Sorry for boring the hell out of you all !!!




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