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Wishlist - Yaris PHEV

Mike J.

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I have been watching more of the great videos from WeberAuto and this one Prius PHEV battery stripdown sort of shows that a Yaris PHEV could be a straightforward option and the final cost could be funded by the UK government (£2500 grant). The Prius has 5 stacks of 19 25Ah Lithium Ion cells giving 8.79kWh. Each pack only weighs 17kg (ours is around 30kg). A quick bit of maths would point to a 25 cell pack would fit under the rear seat and give around 2.5kWh, enough for 10 miles electric motoring and hopefully fulfilling the CO2 criteria as shown here for category 2 cars: OLEV info.

Come on Toyota, get out the first supermini PHEV to compete with full EVs like the Zoe, etc.

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I've been hoping for a Yaris PHEV since I bought the first one! That would be great! [emoji846]

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Toyota announced their electric vehicle strategy at the tail end of 2017:

"The Japanese car making giant is planning to reduce its CO2 emissions next decade by 90% from 2010.

By 2025 every Toyota and Lexus will have a hybrid or electric option

Hybrids, plug-in hybrids, full electric and fuel-cell tech expansion

More than 10’ full BEV (Battery electric vehicles) by early 2020s

BEVs to debut first in China, followed by Japan, India, the US and Europe"

Doubt whether the current Yaris will have a plug-in version, especially as it is now 7 years old. Toyota will be producing a new 1.5 litre hybrid engine in Poland from 2020, which will presumably be in the fourth generation Yaris (if it retains the same name).

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