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2001 T Sport Throttle Body error


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My 2001 Yaris T Sport failed its MOT as the engine management light is on and it wont clear.

I took it to Toyota and they said the code is P0505 and it needs a new throttle body at the cost of £1200

The car only has 77k miles and passed everything else on the MOT so im reluctant to get rid of it, do i have any other options to clear the code?

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It may need a clean. Carb Cleaner should work. Best way is to remove and clean.. probably all gummed up. Be careful of any sensors - you should treat them with great care...

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Thanks for the reply, i have seen this as an option online but probably not something id be comfortable doing myself so may get a garage to look.

I guess another option is buying a used throttle body from a breakers and fitting that in the hope it clears the light

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Another option is to give these guys a call & get a quote for a brand new from Japan. I recently bought new rear springs and a fuel neck filler pipe for less than half the price of what Toyota UK wanted and these are genuine Toyota parts.


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