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Toyota Auris 2009 Diesel, power loss and black smoke.

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Toyota Auris 2009 Diesel, power loss and black smoke.

I have a Toyota Auris 2009, 1,4 90hk, Diesel.

Lately I am experiencing losing engine power and black smoke comes out behind.

This happens on a regular basis. Especially when I drive up long slopes, but also sometimes on flat roads. I lose engine power and the car is moving slightly forward. Black smoke comes out behind. Then I must gear down in the 1st and 2nd gear to make it come. Sometimes I completely lose engine power and have to stop the car. Put it in free and give gas. Then there is a lot of black smoke coming out and I hear a ticking sound of the engine before it loosens and I get full engine power again.

Then I can drive normal for a week maybe, and the same problem occur again. 

My mechanic carried out diagnostic and found a failure with the MAF sensor, so we changed it.

This is what I have done so far:
New MAF sensor OK
New Diesel filter OK
New airfilter OK
The car Oil consumption is quite normal OK

Then my mechanic also has carried out a new diagnostic and no issues found

The car has run only 130 000

Any advice what this could be ? Im thinking maybe the EGR valve.

I'm completely new to this forum. Thank you in advance for any feedback. 😃

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Here is a youtube video of the hiz hiz sound the engine make after power loss an black smoke have occured and I have to stop. Any advice ?

Note: The hiz hiz sound is in the begining of the video the first time I give gass.


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How's the turbocharger performing?

Coud be you're not getting sufficient air for proper combustion.

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