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Fog light voltage - E12 retrofit

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Hi folks, quick question as i'm a bit stuck.

Recently bought a 2003 t3 corolla for spares for my 2004 t2 car. The parts car came with fog lights on the front and i'm in the middle of installing them. Before removing them from the parts car i confirmed whey where working. I've the indicator stalk changed and working fine with all the normal functions and have installed the t3 cars fog light relay, but when installing the passenger side fog light to test it doesn't seem to be getting the full voltage. On a volt meter with the fog lights turned on the pre-existing toyota wiring harness is only giving out 0.8 volts. I have not installed the drivers side fog light yet as the car is due mot in a weeks time and if they do not work for the test the car will fail.

Any idea's what could be causing this?

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When you turn the Front fog lights on at the stalk, does the Green Front Fog Light Indicator come on , the one by just below the tacho on the dash ?  though no idea if your model will have been fitted with that indicator bulb, though would think its is there ?

Again ,when turning on, can you hear the fog relay clicking on ?

Both front fog lights run from the same connection on the relay contacts.

Not missing the obvious, at least the sidelights must be on before the Front fogs will activate.


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Hi and thanks for your reply. Managed to source the issue. In my research i watched a video of someone installing fogs into a 2006 model. The 2006+ models have a fog light relay in the fuse box in the engine compartment, where as my two older cars have a hidden 3rd fuse/relay box behind the spare change compartment just under the ignition barrel. I noticed the donor car had relays installed in it where mine did not. I transferred the relay from one car to the other and the fog lights started to get the correct voltage. There was another purple relay installed in the donor car which i can only assume is for the A/C as the other one doesn't have it either.

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