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I'm getting 30mpg with my 1.0 Toyota Iq


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I have recently purchased a Toyota Iq that is in a very good condition with a full service history. It doesn't have any faults or leaks or anything. However I am only getting 30mpg. I live in London and its mostly traffic. My average speed is 8mph. I reset my trip to see how far I am getting. And I have done 120 miles and the last flashing bar just came on from the last time I filled up. (28 Litres last time I filled up). 

Anyone have any tips. The car is a 2009 model. It doesn't have any engine issues or leaks. What do you suggest I do? 

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

30mpg sounds about right if you spend a lot of time in traffic. I find that the 'average mpg' display is pretty accurate over a few journeys. I've seen as low as average 30mpg showing on our 1.0 after a few short journeys. With a mix of longer journeys (10 miles plus) and short ones (2 miles) I can get it up to 43mpg over a tankful, but these are on roads with fairly light traffic.

To be honest, I think what you're experiencing in heavy traffic, at slow speed, is quite normal for this engine.

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Hi Venom_Z1,

I've got the 1.3 and if I do all traffic runs and at the moment I start the car in the morning then go and have breakfast, giving it a chance to de-ice and warm up, I get

at worst 39/gal. Normally I do 6 miles each way on the M3 going to work mixed in with town traffic and to be honest my foot is always flat on the floor and I average


Why not fill the tank to the brim,reset the trip then run the tank down to say 1/4 then fill to the brim and calculate the mpg, it's probably better than 30 or should be.

good luck with it.


PS have you got a Z1, I used to have a GPZ1100B1

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Note the fuel gauge does not accurately reflect the tank being 1/8 1/4 or 1/2 full. Tends to last a long time on one indication then it moves dramatically.

Try a few fills and keep a record as suggested.

My IQ 1.3 preferred method is to do 300 miles fill up and reset my trip counter.


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