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Charging hybrid battery

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Toyota's answer is on this page

The traction Battery will not significantly discharge when the car is not in use. When switched on, the engine will run to charge the traction Battery as needed so you don't actually need to drive any miles. So pedantic answer to your question would be zero! 🙂

A hybrid RAV has a puny auxiliary battery that will discharge through use while the car is not in use and, if excessively discharged will prevent the car from starting - they are needed to prime the car's systems prior to starting rather than actually start the car but the effect is the same. Toyota's advice is:

"For Hybrid vehicles – the 12V auxiliary batteries are not used to start the engine, however, they are considerably smaller than those in conventional vehicles, so again 1 hour in “ready” mode once or twice a week should be enough to keep the 12V Battery topped up through this difficult period.

If you have a 12V Battery trickle charger, or a solar panel charger, and are confident using them, then these are a good option to keep the Battery fully charged whilst the vehicle is stationary for a period of time."

Personally, I'd go for the trickle charger option if i could - as I do with my diesel! 😉

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