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Fuel& Speed display broken

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My Toyota Yaris (04 reg) has a broken fuel&speedometer dash display. I'm not sure what the correct name is. 

My mechanic said the electrics behind it had blown and that if i could source a replacement (via ebay? A scrap yard? Something else?) He would be able to fit it. 

Does anyone know the correct name to assist in the search for this, where is best to look, and roughly how much it should cost?

Many thanks in advance 

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Gauges or cluster you need to replace it with the exact same model number

The VFD display fails, capacitors go bad or the ribbon cable cracks all age related

There are a few threads on the subject


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A used one shouldn't cost that much. As said before, make sure you get the correct model number.

Your mechanic shouldn't charge much to change it as it is only a 10 minute job, only 4 screws and cables to unplug and plug back in.

The more expensive part of the job is getting the original mileage cloned to the replacement speedo if you want that done. When I replaced one the original had only done 51,000 miles but the replacement from a scrapyard had done 170,000 miles making it worth the expense. Still a lot cheaper than Toyota but then they had zero stock last year and couldn't do it anyway.

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