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Does Mirrorlink work with any apps at all?

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Hi all,

I've just bought a 2017 Aygo which uses Mirrorlink for enabling Android apps on the media head (allegedly!).

I have compatible apps (Sygic and Rock Scout) on two different phones (S5 and S8). App certs are current and both phones connect OK but I get a blank display.

I've spoken to Toyota who refer me to Mirrorlink. Mirrorlink doesn't seem to have an answer.

I appreciate that this technology is obsolescent but as the car is only 3 years old it seems reasonable to expect to be able to make use of this feature.

I've read threads on upgrading the unit to the post-2018 model with Android Auto but Toyota quote around £2,200 with no guarantee it will work. Not an option at that price.

Many thanks for any suggestions.


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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, enabled and when I connect both ends detect OK. Phone displays a message every few seconds confirming that it's connected via mirrorlink.

The display shows nothing.



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Here's the info....

Model Id: 13TPDAEU-EA01


Hard No: 86140-OH020

Audio 0840

O/S 0621

When I connect the phone I get:

Waiting for connetion

Connection successful

The phone then says "Your device and car are connected via Mirrorlink"

The phone I connected shows Sygic and CarmodeStub as Certified Mirrorlink apps.



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Would you expect something different from a blank display? I've assumed that if my phone shows some apps as certified with mirrorlink - and I have an active mirrorlink connection - then I should see the apps on the screen.

Not really sure where to go from here.

Thanks again for your help.

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