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Toyota touch and go toolbox

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I have been trying to update the map on my Auris HSD sat Nav it’s a touch and go plus via the toolbox since August and have an open incident with Toyota re the problem. Previously it was subject to free updates via toolbox 

The toolbox  will cease to work on the 31st December so the matter is becoming urgent. Tool box won’t let me pay for the map update at £109 . When it redirects to the payment page it says it cannot open it.  I have the latest version of toolbox running. I have not had issues in the past.  I don’t want to be left with the position of having to pay £250 for the dealer to do it.  

I have tried the Toyota portal as well which lets me activate online searches etc but directs me to toolbox for the map upgrade 

Many of the roads round about me have changed in the last 2 years and I really want up today maps. 

Any assistance would be appreciated. 





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Toolbox is end of life you have an account on My Toyota make sure the sat nav is registered you will be able to purchase maps via there

Login to My Toyota - My vehicle - register my multimedia

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make sure the dealership and toyota Uk know you are having issues

and that you expect them to honour the free update as you have tried

and due to an issue with the toolbox its stopping the update from happening.

Toyota will hopefully waive all charges for 1 update in 2021

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