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Theft Sensor Button

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Today I noticed a button on the roof, just between the interior lights and the sunroof (sorry; ‘panoramic moon roof’ 🤣) that says ‘theft sensor’.

When toggled, a display on the dash screen says ‘theft sensor on’ / ‘theft sensor off’.

My question, unanswered by looking in the manual (which makes no reference to this button at all) or google; is the the override button for the alarm system, or does it relate to some other part of the alarm system functionality?

Many thanks!

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Hi the sensor button turns off the interior sensors off so can leave your sunroof or windows open etc

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Ahh, that’s great: thanks.

I’ve left my dog in the car several times and he’s not set it off... but he is small, and was on the back seat in a ‘cot’ that keeps him in place.

Anyway, mystery solved! (Leaving only the mystery of why Toyota feel the need to completely ignore mentioning it in the manual!)

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You're lucky if a small dog didn't set it off. In my car it was a moth & only at night, I think it was fluttering about trying to get to a nearby streetlight.

I spotted it during one investigation it flew up to the interior light. I still didn't catch it, either it flew out or died as the problems stopped shortly before the rodents ate the wiring in the engine compartment. It's been an interesting end to a year to forget.



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