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Aftermarket Apple CarPlay stereo

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I was wondering if anyone has installed an aftermarket Apple CarPlay double din stereo into their Aygo MK2 (2017)
I have the non CarPlay version.

Is this a simple install as I’m looking at the Sony AX1000 if it fits.

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To be honest, for the money you would spend on that sony unit, plus changing all the fascia, connectors etc and hoping your steering wheel controls still work,  best to look for the 3 button genuine Aygo Carplay/Android Auto stereo.

Sort of hard to come by, but when one pops up, grab it straight away.

Its a simple swap and plug and play and takes about 30 minutes.

Just look for Breakers on ebay and the upgrade unit is normally in 2019 Aygo's onwards.  As long as its got the 3 buttons on the front, it will have carplay and android auto. 

Point to note, is that there are two models, one has DAB and one doesn't.

I know this because I have done this in my daughter's 2014 Aygo.

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I don't rate Sony in car stuff they rely a lot on their brand name, stick with Alpine or Pioneer £50-70 for fitting parts


The problem with the MK2 carplay units is they don't come up that often when they do they are usually pricey

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My MK2 headunit cost the same as the price of that Sony unit.  They are out there, if you are persistent.

In regards to Sony, I've had a £100 one in my other car for about 10 years and it's never gone wrong.

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From a technical point they are built cheaply on very old designs, sound quality can be poor tuned towards the mid/bass frequencies

All show and no go

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Gregg5886, if you PM me, I'll give you the phone number of the guy I bought mine from, he breaks Aygos all the time.

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