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Corolla verso 1.6 fault code p0170


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Hi guys, 

I bought a verso say 6 months ago and was fine, next day got the trc light emu light and traction control. 

My mate is a mechanic so plugged it in and got fault p0170 system 1 bank too lean . 

1st step. I cleaned the throttle body 

2nd step changed the throttle body gasket original from Toyota.

3rd changed the inlet manifold gasket again Toyota gasket .

4th step I changed all the rubbers on the injectors again all Toyota o rings grommets. 

5th step changed maf sensor.

After all these steps the lights comes back on and the car is still reving high when cold at 2k and i can smell petrol from the exhaust and eventually revs lower. 

I notice when hot on idle tends to hunt say 700rpm and 800rpm or so. 

I've changed all the spark plugs fully serviced so on.

The main thing that is driving me nuts is drinking petrol, on average I'm getting 8.5l or so when stopping and starting I'm getting 10l per 100km which is 24mpg and tops 31mpg there abouts . 

I drove to donegal and back at 100km all the way nice and easy and i got 35mpg that's all . 

I hope anyone had same issue can let me know what they done .

These are what I came across when replacing all cleaned up and new gaskets .

I'm thinking might be a old vac line a split in the hose but again could be wrong

Very frustrated Ross







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